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Cytochrome P450 Homepage

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Course Modules


Module 1. Introduction.

Module 2. BLAST I.

Module 3. BLAST II.

Module 4. VectorNTI I

Module 5. VectorNTI II

Module 6. Other sequence programs

Module 7. Multiple Sequence Alignments

Module 8. Phylogenetic Trees

Module 9. Genome sequencing, sequencing, and annotation

Module 10. Superfamily Genomics

Module 11. Eukaryotic Gene Assembly


MSCI815 Module 1a. Non-GenBank Databases

MSCI815 Module 1b. Politics and Ethics of Private Databases.

MSCI815 Module 2 QTL mapping and neuroinformatics

MSCI815 Module 3 Affymetrix Microarrays and data analysis

MSCI815 Module 4 Genome Browsers: NCBI, ENSEMBL, UC Santa Cruz

MSCI815 Module 5 3D Structure Viewers Cn3D, Protein Explorer

Course evaluation
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Welcome to
Bioinformatics at UTHSC

These pages are being compiled by Dr. David Nelson and Dr. Rob Edwards in the Department of Molecular Sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Memphis. We are developing an online bioinformatics course. At the moment this course is has just started and we are working on it.

Over the next weeks and months we will be increasing the selection and diversity of these modules, and tailoring the modules towards information to be taught in the MSCI814 and MSCI815 courses on Bioinformatics. Check this space!

Course schedule:

The MSCI814 class will meet on Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 5:00 in room B107 of the GEB starting Jan. 10, 2002 and ending April 4. The MSCI815 class will continue meeting at the same place and time from April 18th to May 23rd.

Because of room schedule conflicts we will not meet on Jan. 24th, Feb. 14th or April 11th. These weeks may have make up sessions scheduled in the Bioinformatics computer room 101I of the Molecular Sciences Building for those who missed classes. These sessions will be announced. The Bioinformatics computer room will be available to all students during the day. This room is generally locked at night. Software including Vector NTI and Phylip will be on some of the G4 Macs and the Dell Windows machines. These will be marked. The Linux servers are not for student use.

For a detailed description of the course sessions click here

Method of Evaluation

Since this is a practical course, students will be given assignments on the techniques taught in class. Grades will be based on the assignments. Assignments will be given and students will have one week to turn them in. They will be looked over by the instructors and returned if not of high enough quality. The students will be given until the following class to redo the assignment to improve it. After the second week the answer will be posted so no further revision is possible.

Course details and information

Attend the UT/ORNL Bioinformatics Summit. March 22/23 at Paris Landing State Park.